Case Studies

Wellington Garage

Challenge: As part of the “Big Dig” Central Artery/Tunnel construction, project managers, civil engineers, and transportation planners were seeking smart and efficient ways to reduce traffic flows in the city of Boston by tens of thousands of vehicles. CC&F worked with the Conservation Law Foundation and Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority to create a multi-level parking facility in Medford to give commuters additional incentives and alternatives.

Solution: In 1990, in the midst of a declining real estate market, CC&F led the overhaul of a major commuter rail station to help provide the MBTA with a new expanded parking garage for riders at its Wellington Station on the Orange Line.

Results: CC&F devised an innovative arrangement by constructing a 1,350-space, nine-level parking garage and leasing 950 of those spaces to the MBTA for a 15-year period. At the end of that term, the MBTA will take ownership of 600 of those spaces, with 350 reverting to the developer. As a result, ridership increased and the MBTA enjoys an expanded capacity at an important urban-commuting entry point.